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The "Sourire de Montmartre" has an out of time atmosphere that is thoroughly appreciated by our guests who are looking for a friendly and warm environment to stay in. A lot of this is down to Ilhame’s (one of your host’s) Moroccan origins.

In Morocco, all the riads (large luxurious houses, centred around an inner courtyard) are covered with tadelakt. This plaster material is completely natural and ecological. It is exclusively made from a Marrakesh lime base and requires no additives other than some water and pigments of natural origin.


The result of using tadelakt for your warm coloured surfaces & / or plastering jobs, is that this material gives you a warm, elegant and luxurious feeling, and at the same time, is very soft to the touch. After a very slow drying period, the lime becomes once again calcareous. As tadelakt is completely waterproof, it is therefore ideal to use in bathrooms (eg an Italian shower), or in a hammams as you can see in either of the following rooms : Marrakesh and Zen.

A tadelakt expert (Maâlem, in Arabic) reproduces the ancestral gestures which brings to life the lime, gives it its shape, colour, shine & feel. As this is carried out in several stages, a Maâlem creates a magnificent and warm form of art work, which you will think stepped right out of the palace “mille et une nuits”.

We wanted to try this unique experience - the realization of tadelakt. Mohamed, (Ilhame’s dad) and Patrice, (her husband), learnt the gestures and techniques from the Maâlems in order to bring into the “Sourire Montmartre” the warmness of a Morrocan imperial city. During a stay in Morocco, and after several days spent on a construction site of a riad as 2 apprentices, the necessary know-how was acquired.


A few months later, 700kg of lime came directly from Marrakesh, and all that was left for us to do, was find once again the gestures and sensations learnt during our Morocco stay, especially the use of all the different utensils.

An amazing and an extremely exhausting work, one which doesn’t tolerate the slightest imperfection, and that can only stop when the lime gives out enough of its water content, which gives it its incomparable shine and final softness. A unique and magically experience, it reflects the work of a sculptor, painter and artist, and one that will remain forever engraved in our memories.

After one month’s work, Mohamed is becoming a real Maâlem, although he is still telling us, that he wants to prefect his know-how on a new site. Patrice is still far behind Mohamed’s competence in this area, though both of them would like to praise all the Maâlems of Morocco, and in particular, those who helped them with the realisation of their tadelakt , and to all Maâlems who pass on their know-how from generation to generation.



However, above all, us here at “Sourire de Montmartre” hope that we aroused in you, the curiosity to get to know Tadelakt and its country of origin – Morocco. If Tadelakt is of interest to you, and you would like some more information about it, please don’t hesitate.

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Au Sourire de Montmartre is the Bed And Breakfast where you feel like being at "Your Home in Paris", located in the Montmartre neighborhood, with B&B rooms uniquely decorated (Josephine, Montmartre, Marrakech, Zen and Lautrec).
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